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Is the doll's head removable? Can I buy it separately?

Yes, the doll's head can be removable.  If only ordering a separate doll head, the price will be $100~200.

How many skin colors do your dolls have?

We provide four basic skin colors. Includes: white, natural, brown, black. Of course, we can also customize colors.

Can you make the doll's breast bigger or smaller?

No, the doll's mold is fixed. However, we have many body types to choose from. If you do not find one, please contact us.

Can I customize the doll's face?

We can provide customized services, but make sure that you have the copyright of the customized image.

If I customize a doll with pubic hair, can pubic hair be disassembled?

Because "pubic hair" sticks to the material of the doll, it cannot be removed. If you remove pubic hair, there will always be "scars" on the doll.

Do I need to pay import duties and customs duties?

Some countries can ship through tax-free channels, but not all countries. Import duties and customs duties are imposed by the destination country. We cannot control or estimate these costs.

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HelloMiss team have the great ability to design, develop and produce for real love sex doll.

No matter the prototype design and creation, the research and development of raw materials formulation, the skeleton design or production techniques are easy for us. If you are looking for OEM or ODM partners, HelloMiss is absolutely the best choice for you.

Production technology

We have the most stable production and after processing, dolls with our own brand HelloMiss have been sold all over the world for more than one year, and generally get high praise from the terminal customers, which is our best proof.


we have the best metal processing manufacturers, the best processing and technical personnel, and we produce metal skeleton in high mobility and high stability for sex doll.

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